Outline Editor

Article generation with Custom headings

With Outline Editor, you can craft your custom headings to guide the generation of your article, ensuring it aligns with your desired structure and focus. ✏️

Open the 1-Click Blog Post and enable Outline Editor.

Article size also depends on the number of headings you add in Outline Editor.

Adding headings manually

Writing the heading.

Adding H2 heading.

Adding H3 heading.

Add all headings to complete the Outline.

Copying and pasting from Excel

There are 2 formats supported:

Copying the Outline from Excel.

Pasting the data to the Outline Editor.


Generating Outline with "Magic bag"

It's required to set up the main keyword and the title.

Checking the settings before generating the Outline.

Starting the generation.

The process takes some time.

The final result:

Editing the Outline

Deleting a heading.

Moving the headings.

Clearing all headings.

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