1-Click Blog Post Generation

Generate and publish Blog Posts in 1 click

In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to create the perfect Blog Post using only a Title, generate and publish it in 1 click.

Opening the tool

In your Dashboard click on the 1-Click Blog Post.

Enter your main keyword and press "Generate a Title".

The generated title appears in the corresponding field.

If you want a different title, click "Generate a Title" again. You can also add your own Title to the field.

Generation options

Select the language in which the article will be written.

Select tone of voice.

Select article size.

Choose AI Model.

Details about AI Models can be found here.

Turning on Humanize Text.

Humanize Text example here.

Choose a Point of view.

Select the target country.

Add details you want to be included in the text.

Choose Intense mode if it's necessary to add details in each section of the article.

Media Hub

Generate images 🖼️ and add YouTube videos 🎥 along with your article using the 1-Click Blog Post.

More details about "Media Hub" can be found here.

Add keywords to include in the text.

It's very easy by pressing the "NLP keywords generation".

Select the structure of the Blog Post.

External Linking

More details about "External Linking" can be found here.

Connect to Web

There are 2 options: "Deep Web + Citation" and "Basic Web".

Detailed instructions on how to use "Connect to Web" can be found here.

Outline Editor

Enable Outline Editor.

There are different options to add/edit a Custom Outline.

Check the detailed instructions here.

Select where to save the document.

Publishing on the WordPress website

Select the website where to publish (schedule publishing) the Blog Post.

Detailed instructions on how to use "Publish to WordPress" can be found here.

Personal OpenAI API Key

If you wish you can turn on your own OpenAI API Key.

Generation process

You can start generating a Blog Post in 1 click.

The page that opens will display the progress of the article generation. Also on the top left will be displayed the number of running generations.

After finishing generation, the Blog Post will be automatically posted on your WordPress website.

Here are instructions on how to connect your website on WordPress to SEOWritingAI.

That's it! If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions about 1-Click Blog Post Generation, please chat or email us.

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