How to connect a WordPress website with SEOWRITING.AI

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1. Install the SEOWriting plugin

Go to "Plugins" in the admin area of your WordPress website.

Press the button "Add New".

1.1 Installing from a .zip archive

Download the .zip archive here.

Press the button "Upload Plugin".

Browse the .zip archive.

Click the button "Install Now".

Activate the plugin by pressing the button "Activate Plugin".

(Available soon) Installing from WordPress Plugin Directory

In the search, enter the name of the plugin "SEOWriting".

Click the "Install" button.

Next, activate the plugin.

2. Connecting the website with the plugin

Go to the settings of the plugin.

Click the "Connect" button.

You must be logged in to the SEOWritingAI.

If all goes well, you will see the added website in your "Integrations" section in your SEOWritingAI account.

To disconnect your website, you can click the "Disconnect" button in the "SEOWriting" plugin settings in the admin area of your website on WordPress.

Or you can click the "Disconnect" button on SEOWritingAI in the "Integrations" section of your website.

3. Plugin settings

Choose schema markup for the FAQ section.

If you use the Elementor plugin and want to keep the posts in the Elementor plugin editor you can change this option.

4. AutoPosting to WordPress

Using 1-Click Blog Post and Bulk Article Generation you can turn ON auto posting to the WordPress website.

Select the category. If it is necessary you can load the categories by pressing Update button.

Select Post Status. There are 3 options: Publish, Draft and Schedule.

If you want to schedule posting in the 1-Click Blog Post tool select the date and time when the first post will be published.

Choose the Frequency of posting.

In the Bulk Article Generation tool, you can schedule the publication of articles according to your needs.

See how Scheduled publishing works and examples here.

Include tags if necessary.

Select how the URL should be on your website.

Click the checkbox "Featured image" if it is necessary.

Click the checkbox "Add meta description to excerpt field" if it is necessary.

After the generation process is finished all your posts will be published on the selected WordPress website.

5. Publishing content manually in 1 Click

After the generation process finishes, you can publish the article in 1 click to your website.

Select the website:

Select the category:

If necessary you can click the "Load" button to load categories from your website.

Add tags:

Select post status:

Select Featured image if necessary:

Click the "Publish" button:

You should see the message and by clicking the link you can open the published Blog Post:

6. Publishing meta title and description

Publishing meta titles and descriptions should work if you use one of the following plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Rank Math
  • The SEO Framework
  • SEOPress

Check out the compatibility table below and start supercharging your website today!

FeatureWordPress VersionPHP VersionSupported SEO Plugins
Posting Titles and Texts ONLY4.9.22 or higher5.6.36 or higherN/A
Posting Titles, Texts + Meta Title and Meta Description6.0.3 or higher5.6.36 or higherYoast SEO
4.9.22 or higher5.6.36 or higherAll in One SEO Pack
6.1.1 or higher7.4.28 or higherRank Math
5.5.11 or higher7.2.34 or higherThe SEO Framework
5.0.18 or higher7.2.34 or higherSEOPress

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